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... Puppet exhibition, the 21 mai au 25 September 2021 ...

On reservation 079 754 91 39 or by mail to infos@conteslegendes.ch

The "DESSOUS DE LA PUPPET" exhibition coming to you soon!

House of tales and legends of Dorénaz, the 21 mai au 25 September 2021. - A very beautiful exhibition presents puppets from Asia and Europe, whether they are rods, sheath, for threads or intended for shadow theater. It constitutes a unique set of puppets. The stories told don't just serve the entertainment: The viewer can identify with the characters and the plays explain the world.

This exhibition therefore proposes to highlight this cultural heritage, to introduce the world of puppetry to those who do not have the chance to know its tremendous wealth. But it is also an opportunity to talk about French-speaking know-how. The design of the puppets, suits, sets, the work of an actor, writing or adapting existing texts calls for a wide variety of skills. This is why our project also wants to connect the public and the people who make the magic of the puppet possible. The general public is invited from 21 more 2021 to discover near his home the traveling exhibition "The underside of the puppet", who will stop in each of the cantons.

With this traveling exhibition, Guignol arrives with his cousins: German Kasperli or Chasperli in Swiss German, the English Punch and the Italian Gianduia. This is the opportunity to discover puppets, of its secular history, of the tradition which is maintained to this day by artisans from here. We also discover the political role, between audacity and censorship. And what happiness, at the heart of the exhibition, to discover the castelet, traditional traveling theater !

Because this is where Guignol will relive every day, for the pleasure of young and old !

Guignol also takes his Asian cousins ​​from Bali and Java. En effet, the exhibition takes visitors to discover very exotic shadow theaters, born almost four centuries ago in Asia. Between magic and theater, the wayang was traditionally to allow communication with ancestors and spirits. Cornerstone of oral and animist traditions, the wayang is registered since 2008 part of the UENSCO world heritage.

This exhibition thus presents the collections of puppets from the Geneva Puppet Theater. (TMG) and private collections.

Four artisans passionate about puppetry are behind this fabulous exhibition:

Bruno and Margit, Prin, artists and producers, have been crisscrossing since 25 on the roads of French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino. Each year, they present a new show in the purest Guignol tradition.. They come back this time with characters. Margit allows them to get their hands on the production of costumes and painted canvases.

Christophe Kiss, set designer and teacher, has been making puppets and sets for many theaters and troupes for more than twenty-five years. He worked for a long time at the Geneva Puppet Theater before spreading his art throughout Romandie.. He developed the sets and many puppets that can be seen in the exhibition.

Luc Breton, renowned luthier, is the great specialist of Guignol. He notably manufactures the heads of puppets

Established for more than thirty years in Switzerland, the Ringland show and the Prin family are the heirs of more than seven generations of artists and they bring the authentic Guignol theater to life.
But shhh ... suddenly, the darkness of the attic is split by a ray of light. The creaking of footsteps on the old floor silences the silence. Human shadows penetrate the dusty atmosphere of the place. Who are these intruders who come to disturb our rest ?
We, the puppets, let's live here, in this old attic, since the curtain closed its eyes, making our show and our life as an artist, a simple but beautiful memory for those who have crossed our path. The public remembers us, but we also remember… We liked to be played, the gestures that have guided us and the voices that we have been given. Because no, we are not of wood!
They are very close. I now perceive a slightly blurry face through the plastic covering me. I feel hands around my disjointed little body. I am lifted up. Delicately. I see the eyes of the man holding me in his arms. " But who are you ?», dit-il. I would return the question to him. My plastic wrap suddenly disappears. A son expression, I guess the man finds me to his liking! I am delighted. He grabs my cross which is hanging a little above me. I feel my arms, my legs, then my head moving and obeying him. I'm not sorry to stretch my muscles a little. And frankly, he knows how to do it ! This man knows puppets. I see in his eyes that he respects them, that he loves them. It's nice to be so well looked after. " His, we take it !Said the man to a woman who took Joe the lion out of his wrapper and made him do a few dance steps. She approaches. "Yes, it will be perfect for the exhibition ! »What an exhibition ? What are they talking about ?
They then go around the attic. Serena the Frog, the postman Emile, the unnamed stallion, Simon the pig… Each puppet elicits a cheerful reaction. Shortly, their enthusiasm contaminates the whole attic. "We take them all ! "Said the man. Then, he turns to us and launches : " Well, the puppets, pack your bags, we are going for a tour of Switzerland ! »

Date 21 May 2021 - 25 September 2021
Time 0:00
Place La Maison des contes et légendes d'Outre-Rhône
Street Legends
Type of event exhibition
Target Audience All public
Language French
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