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Avec Chalamala – Multimedia show (FR)
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Gift by Béduits the Bishop of Sion
Catherine of the dance
Chalamala (FR)
Night hunting
Way round Gibloux, Sorens (FR)
Chemin des nains
Contes et légendes du Jura
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Dance cottage
Djan two Bolyèta, Leprechaun Tsuatzô (FR)
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En partie turque – life story / témoignage
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History of railway
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John the Cripple (FR)
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La «ouivre" from Salanfe
La Chevrière de Gruyères
The she-wolf
The spellcaster of Arbaz
Legend Valley
The legend of Saint Bernard of Menthon
La Ouibra
La pierre de la fée
The Devil's Stone
The Wyvern Vouvry
The "Lace Castle»
Le berger et l’étoile Bella Lui
The way tales Bever, Engadine
The way tales Grimmimutz, Diemtigtal
The tale of red apple
The dévaloir the boiler
The unfaithful fruit
The master Fournier S. Connect
The warden of Lens
Catherine of the dance
The mule Liddes
The Dwarf Arlaches
Le Pas de l'Ours
The small meadow Tiesch
The ghost castle Vaas
The Kingdom of the Lizard King
The sorcerer Ayent
The Sorcerer Cure Chalais
Taurus battleship
Légende d’Automne
The Chamosards and fairy Gru
The See of Peter to Diablats
Landslides Leytron
The Vampire Riddles
The three tests
Thieves cows
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Fairytale Forest, Holder Bank, Solothurn
Storytelling Wednesday with Mireille Keïta at the Globlivres library , Renens
Story Wednesday at Globlivres , Renens
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Sentier Baartli, space grandmother à Braunwald
Path of the Sorceress, HäxeWääg, Black Lake (FR)
Fairytale Trail-Märliweg, Saas-Fee (VS)
Legend Trail of Bipperamt Niederbipp – Jura (BE)
Legend Trail Gruyère (FR)
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Gondola stories – Grächen, a fairy tale
Cable stories, Arosa
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A duel Tourbillon
Unwelcome back
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Legendary visits Fribourg
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Zacheo, missionary dwarf