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the StoryMuseum

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Library Switzerland tells allows you to view various works on the stories and legends of Switzerland and elsewhere. The listening of the Swiss National Sound Archives position allows you to see the Swiss sound archives. Switzerland tells offers products such as exhibitions, lectures, workshops and other activities around the story, past and future. Workshops cultural mediation host classes from kindergarten to discover various topics related to the story.

Everything’été on the edge of the lake in Vevey

Splash! StoryBath Time!

Awakening to the book “Né pour lire & Kamishibai Story Time

Sharing voice readings haute with family and friends,

welcome to coughs!

The ephemeral library of the Museum of tales and stories “Outside the Walls” welcomes you from 4 th of July 29 September, Place de l'Aviron at the passenger Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. until 15 August and 25 August to 29 September Wednesday afternoons at 3 p.m.!

Since September 2012, the the StoryMuseum East “Outside the Walls” and search for new premises (your local proposals are welcome : contact us).

Meanwhile, you can visit us in Vevey, Friday morning at 10 a.m., during our permanence: Conversation and reading workshops in French with l’ Heure du conte Kamishibaï andNé pour lire” (book awakening animation for toddlers) (outside school holidays)

Réservation à museedescontes@bluewin.ch

A L’Espace Bel-Air – Neighborhood house
North Street 12, Vevey (see on the map)
Every Friday morning at 10 a.m. in Vevey (CEO) – Conversation and reading workshop in French – Kamishibai Story Time and “Né pour lire”
(if sanitary measures allow, resume as soon as 22 March) (except school holidays)
and outside the walls … in French-speaking Switzerland …
Avril – Lausanne (CEO) – “Meet little K” at the Olympic Museum / Pakomuzé
21 and 28 more, Vevey – Natural stories and play – Fête de la Nature
4 th of July 29 September – Vevey – “Splash! StoryBath Time!” to the Passenger ( Sunday morning until 15 August then from 25 August to 29 September Wednesday at 3 p.m.)
12 November 2021 – La Tour-de-Peilz (CEO) – ONCE UPON A TIME IN SWITZERLAND – Swiss fairy tale night at the Doges
12-13 December 2021 – The Locle (JU) – ONCE UPON A TIME IN SWITZERLAND
21 September 2022 – Veysonnaz (VS)Place aux Mômes Festival

The Museum of tales and stories, created 2008, is a place where everyone can come and discover the stories of Switzerland and elsewhere and share their own life stories. Il comprend deux espaces:

  • one Library, offering consultation, storybooks and legends, participatory exhibitions and installations as well as a listening station for the Sound Library
  • a space-tales, welcoming all ages to discover and share the wealth of some accounts of Swiss heritage and elsewhere

We also host classes, museums, House of fairytales,, groupes, apprenants en français et familles pour des activités autour du conte (see cultural mediation) et proposons spectacles, workshops, conferences, expositions interactives à la demande de festivals, museums, schools, HEP, garderie, libraries, museums,book fair,, ems, book fairs, Nuit du conte en Suisse et anniversaires, etc..

Le fonds des livres de la bibliothèque du Musée des contes et récits a été rassemblé grâce aux dons généreux faits par des particuliers, des associations et des bibliothèques de Suisse romande dont un choix est en consultation. If you also want to donate your books on tales and legends, you can write to us and it is with pleasure that we add your documents to our collection.

L’association remercie la Ville de Vevey et ApsaraArts Geneva.