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... Kalavrita des mille Antigone, Lausanne (CEO) ...


We remember Antigone, which, despite the ban, wants to bury one of his brothers. Ici, Those are 1000 women from a village in the Peloponnese who, during the massacre perpetrated by the Nazis, will erect a mausoleum in memory of their men. With breath, sobriety, Charlotte Delbo wrote this hymn to life, this epic overflowing with humanity. We are seized by this trusting generosity, by so much beauty.

Text: Charlotte Delbo, Music: Maël Godinat, game: Philippe Campiche and Isabelle Bouhet, piano: Jean-François Gandolfo, Harpe: Soledina Camesi, Cello: Jacques Bouduban

Free admission, hat the output.

Date 2 June 2022
Time 20:00 - 22:00
Place Cazard room
Pre Market Street 15
Type of event show
Target Audience adults
Language French
Map Unavailable
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