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... The Wyvern Vouvry ...

Story of the theft of her diamond

The Wyvern Vouvry.

The Wyvern is a flying serpent with a length and a colossal size. She wears on her head a crown egret or sparkling. It has on the front a single eye, real diamond shining bright like a ball of fire or like a star. This mobile carbuncle illuminates in his airway and it is virtually Lantern. It casts a bright light if it sees from afar.

When Wyvern aerobatics noise mountains in mountains, we see out of his mouth a breath of flame and sparks, which shines flakes its scales and its gigantic wings. As he sometimes bathe in lakes and streams, elle a soin, before jumping into the water and take his antics, shake valuable carbuncle and deposited on the shore. This diamond is of great value, more than one brave man tried to kill the dragon or take advantage of when he took his frolicking in the waves to appropriate its jewel.

A Vouvry, village with some etymologists wanted to attach the name Remember this snake[1], It is said that a local man, is being ambushed during a Wyvern bathed in the Rhône, had the good fortune to take the famous diamond, then hastened to hide on the shore in a box filled with nails whose tips were directed outside. Once out of the water, Wyvern furious rushed to the body and wrapped it clasped in the embrace of its gigantic rings.

In his impotent rage, she only succeeded in driving nails into the body and eventually dies of his injuries. Glorious and triumphant, happy Valais reported in his village not only the precious diamond, but the huge vouivre.


Alfred Cérésole, Legends of Vaud Alps

"Stories, tales and legends Chablais "

Publishing the Map, 2000

[1] In the act of restoration of the Abbey of Saint-Maurice by King Sigismund, in 516, Vouvry appears for the first time under the name of Vouregium. In 921, the name s,written Vuoureia, and since the twelfth century, Vuvriacum ; in 1017, Vobreum ; whereby the etymology of the name of this village seems foreign to the memories of the Wyvern. This does not prevent, for many years processions were made to make the country safe from attacks of this monstrous snake.


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