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... Contes tirés du sac, Martigny - Switzerland / Europe (VS) ...

Small conteries for children from 4 with 12 years, by the association "rendez-vous contre"

Oyez ! Oyez !

Le troubadour a une missive ! La Médiathèque Valais – Martigny diversifie sa palette d’activités et a le plaisir de proposer des contes aux enfants de 4 with 12 years. These little conteries, animées par l’Association « Rendez-vous contes », take place on Wednesday afternoon, from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the library.

No registration is required beforehand.

Already, we look forward to welcoming many of our young readers to lead them into a whirlwind of adventures, de rires et de rêveries au détour de cette animation !

Date 3 November 2021
Time 14:30
Place Media Valais - Martigny - Switzerland / Europe
Avenue de la Gare 15
Martigny - Switzerland / Europe
Type of event conterie
Target Audience
Language French
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