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... Lausenette,the baker of Notre-Dame, Lausanne (CEO) ...

Visit narrated by Béatrice Leresche, of the old town, its corners and secret passages,

Lausenette's story, the baker of Notre-Dame in Lausanne in the 13th century

For families from 7 years

Dans le cadre de Lausanne à l’heure d’été

Egalement le samedi 4 September at 10 a.m.

Departure from Place St Maur- Eastern Esplanade of the Cathedral – Arrival at Place de l'Europe

Duration: 1h30

Reservation required at the MDA secretariat: 021 320 12 61

Date 25 August 2021
Time 17:00
Place Place St Maur
behind the cathedral
Type of event narrated tour
Target Audience
Language French
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