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... Leah Linh – Fortunes and Reflections in the Time of Peter II of Savoy ...

Vaudois artist Leah Linh (*2000) pays tribute to the prince who marked the history of the fortress through 12 works made with the gold leaf technique.

Leah Linh, a young self-taught artist, exhibited his first painting at the age of 10 years in Lausanne. Since then, she has continued to perfect her technique and regularly exhibits in Switzerland and abroad. His mastery of gilding and the study of light is remarkable.. His works are imbued with pathos, of hidden meanings and scholarly references, merging the Western and Asian cultures from which it comes.

For this exhibition commissioned by the Foundation, Leah Linh created exclusive works inspired by the life and work of Count Peter II of Savoy (1203-1268), nicknamed "The Little Charlemagne". This iconic prince left his mark on the defensive architecture of Chillon Castle™. He also strengthened the power of the Savoy family through an expansive and matrimonial policy..

In addition to a major installation, the exhibition will offer a body of work using different mediums such as sculpture, painting and glass work, technique initiated especially for this order from the Foundation. This exhibition invites the public to discover a part of the history of Chillon Castle™ through the eyes of a talented and daring contemporary artist.. It takes place from 14 September 2023 to 12 June 2024.

Tarifs : prix d’entrée au château

Horaires : fortress opening hours

More : www.chillon.ch

Date 14 September 2023 - 12 June 2024
Time 9:00 - 18:00
Place Château de Chillon
Avenue de Chillon 21
Type of event exhibition
Target Audience all public
Language Multilingual
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