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... Meet little K – A la rencontre du kamishibaï, Monthey (VS) ...

Meet little K – Séance kamishibaï

With Amina Jendly

Come and discover tales, legends and other invented tales of the Land of the Rising Sun, alors que s’ouvrent les trois battants du butai, small wooden casket where the illustrated boards of the kamishibaïs scroll.

Un support de communication apparu il y a près d’un siècle au Japon alliant narration et illustrations!

At the invitation of the Juusan no Hoshi association during this new edition of the De-To, Destination Tokyo.

Proposé par le Musée des contes et récits “Outside the Walls”

Fall of Japanese culture


Date 30 October 2021
Time 15:00
Place Foyer du du Théâtre du Crochetan
Avenue du Théâtre 9
Type of event Storytime
Target Audience
Language French
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