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... Gift by Béduits the Bishop of Sion ...

Jegerlehner, RCL de Sion, A la Carte editions

Formerly the Bishop of Sion was the omnipotent lord of Valais. It was therefore feared, vénéré ; it was to make favorable.


Someday, President Isérables Riddes to go down to the new. When he returned in the evening in the village, he beat the drum and made it known to the people that the former bishop had passed away and he had given him a successor. He offered to provide the new sovereign a suitable gift. After extensive discussion, it was decided that each household to bring a Bishop brantée milk.

All Béduits company left for the capital, the next morning, with their well-filled Brantes. Before joining Sion, on fit halte pour reprendre haleine ; President took the opportunity to repeat his instructions to his men, so that all showed themselves polite and decent with Monsignor. Il leur dit entre autre : « J’entrerai le premier dans le palais de l’évêque, vous me suivrez et vous ferez tous comme vous me verrez faire. »

They entered the episcopal residence, on longea one corridor, on gravit a Staircase, and they found themselves in front of the courtroom. The prelate was in the background, in the seat, surrounded by canons. The president appeared Iserables, Always brante back, but a feeling came over him, his foot hit the threshold, the tomb of the face contre terre, and the precious liquid was spread on the floor.

When the president was relieved, who followed him and who had observed his movements did the same. Les autres l’imitèrent ; Seeing this, l’évêque et ses compagnons ahuris quittèrent la salle : they milk knee.

We arrested him and severely punish Béduits unfortunate that in sheepishly returned home, complaining of strong new bishop who had castigated him when they brought their offerings.



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