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... History of railway ...

Conte 1927 Purdy par cyrille, used railway, born in 1870 From " 25 Valais dialect texts "of Jeanjaquet and Tappolet, ed. A la Carte 2005

As I had to go to Sion for business, I do not know how to take the train. I was finding my friend Lucas, is an educated man, the fact that his grandfather was involved in politics. "Eh bien, dit qu'il me, you gonna put you down to the barrier, and when you see the driver, you lift your arm and you stop him scream ".

I was put me down to the barrier, and when I saw the train arrive, I raised my arm and I screamed to stop; but, instead of stopping, he spun at full steam. Me, I started to run after him, and I fear that I would run again, if I had not met the great Felix tells me : "Where are you going this train ? "-" I go to Zion ". - "You must go to the station".

I go to the station, I see a small house, and it was marked above : For men – The women. I entered, but taking my nose, I immediately recognized my error.

Further, j’ai vu écrit : Passage. I entered. A man with a tape on the cap asks me where I was going. "To Zion", I replied. - "It is seven francs", dit qu'il me. – « Oh ! you could just let me go for six, and then I go down there to rise and I will push from behind ". He closed my window nose. I decided to pay my ticket.

I arrived at the dock, I open all the doors of the train. Everywhere I was told : "Go Further". I got to set me. The train starts. When I went to the window to see the country, a gust of wind took away my hat. I'm screaming at the driver had to stop, but he spun at full steam.

Arrived at St-Maurice, a gentleman down the train. "You forget something", I tell him. - "And what ? »Dit qu'il me. - "The parcel you underfoot". - "I give you", dit qu'il me.

Arrived at Zion, I support this package on my shoulders. A man braid wonder where I'm going with the water bottle company. "This is a gentleman who was on the train, who gave it to me ".

- I'll take you to the station master.

And there, without the intervention of my cousin Lumignon, is an educated man, as rubbing lamps, I have had a lot of stories.

Like this, I returned the kettle to the company and I f… the camp.



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