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... The she-wolf ...

MARIO, "Le Génie des Alpes valaisannes" Publié dans « Sierre, Noble Contrée, stories, contes et légendes » Editions à la Carte 1999


In the hamlet Bluche, Parish of Saint-Maurice-de-Lacques still alive, there a few years, a woman known to be part of the “synagogue”.

The evening, when, to mute she was about to go on the traditional broomstick to evil appointment, she never wanted her husband to explain the reason for his absence.

Once it, worried about the nightlife, had followed at a distance, happened over Loc, in a famous crossroads cursed, he had been suddenly surrounded by a pack of wolves. He fired his gun at the nearest, and cut off his two front legs.

But much greater was his surprise, when, soon after returning home, he found his wife in bed with both hands cut off.

The woman said that caused a lot of trouble a man Lens, it got rid of this evil witch when he bought a mule that had “une croix blanche sur les dos” [1].




[1] We want this detail of the owner of the mule, man referred to above… Pierre-Joseph Mittaz, Lens.


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