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... La Ouibra ...

Marie Trolliet, Mario*** dans « Le génie des alpes valaisannes » en 1893 Réédition : Stories, contes et légendes du Grand Lens, Publishing the Map, 1996


La Ouibra [1]


is one of the best known of all the legends that have courses in Valais, owes its success to the popularity of honor have always living body.

If we are to believe those who claim to have seen, the Ouibra is neither more nor less than a huge winged dragon, « long comme une perche et large comme une beurrière » dont la tête est ornée d’une couronne de diamants, and established his home on the steep heights of the. Selon are Caprice, sometimes she takes refuge in landslides Chandolin, Non loin de la Bella Tola; sometimes through the valley, it will perch on top of Bellaloë[2]some distance from the village of Lens; or higher still, under the ridge of Mont Bonvin where the rock forms a wide crevasse. It is at the bottom of this opening that opens a cave where the perpetually flowing molten gold. She made her favorite holiday, and spends even entire year.

It happened once a mountain surrounding, driven by the desire to get rich, wished to take advantage of a day when he had seen the Ouibra take flight, to descend into the cave, and have its share of the precious metal. For this purpose, he clung to a rope, but it is being broken before he reached the bottom, he found himself unable to go back the way he came.
La Ouibra, on his return, pitied, he seems, this unexpected guest, expensive for sept ans, they lived together, breathing the same air and sharing the same food, it is eating, as she, absolutely other than gold and minerals. However, the man, qui avait la nostalgie du grand air, and long pondered a way to escape the gilded cage, came up with the idea of ​​clinging to the tail of his girlfriend at the time it took to get momentum. He thus found unharmed at the top of Mont Bonvin, and hastened to find his own.
But, having no gold meals, and stomach can no longer s' accommodate the frugal diet of mountain, eight days after, he passed from life to death.

Quand Ouibra the small pond ses, it would inevitably devoured by them, if she was not careful to stand on the tip of a rock, so you can rush up and down the scree as soon as they come to light.

The no less fierce irritable temperament of this mother requiring the use of cold baths, he happens sometimes, overnight, to take his flight to come to the opposite side to bathe in the lake Lotia, above Grimentz.

With the strength of transport available to it, that air travel is accomplished in less time than it takes to tell.

According to those who saw, its passage is marked by great clarity and the shower of sparks that emanates its tail. Once at the water's edge, she lays her crown on the shore and disappears into the wave. But, woe to reckless dares disturb his ablutions in ...

Or, there is no long, something like two or three years ago, two hunters Saint-Martin, through a morning coldness beside the lake was frozen, amused themselves by throwing stones at the surface.

Mal leur en prit : immediately, une détonation formidable se fit entendre ; ice parted with flaming glare, smell of sulfur and fire spread in the air, and they saw the show colossal head of a monstrous animal they did not stop to consider. Throwing aside their guns and leaving their shoes on snow, they fled without looking behind them.

The lake belongs to Ouibra. Nobody has the right to break the silence.


Writings in 1886

[1] In Lower Valais, the Vouivra

[2] Bellalui, over Montana

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