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... La «ouivre" from Salanfe ...

La Pissevache
Jegerlehner, RCL Trient, Editions A La Carte

St. Maurice


Among the Valais mountain pastures, Salanfe is the one that leaves no one indifferent, as the beauty of, rich and varied, has everything may wish the poet's imagination, or simply curiosity walker.

By cons, there has long been, and Gardien, terrifying "ouivre", watching anyone ventured in the area. No human being ventured to tread the green grass of this delightful corner. Beware of too adventurous hunter, station to the tourist unconscious : it was a dead man.

Every day, the "beast" was going to drink from the waters of the Pissevache.

The local men took counsel. It was absolutely necessary to get rid of this cumbersome host.

The bravest hunters, protected by inaccessible rocks had repeatedly supported their guns to end the horrible monster, but the balls faced leathery skin without the slightest scratch.

H. Décaillet then made a proposal that caught the attention of all : "Let us take the three sentenced to death the castle of St. Maurice ! If they manage to kill the beast, allowed for their lives ".

Needless to say our three lads all agreed on this proposal despite all the risks involved in shipping. Between the executioner's ax and claws of the "ouivre", the choice was made.

They called one of their friends, ou chimiste charlatan. What they said remains forever secret. Still, they did not waste their time, and their imagination is activated more beautiful !

The next, they were taken to the city gates. They were covered with a coat of solid canvas. Each received a dagger. And after the priest of the abbey had confessed and blessed, behold their friend arrived charlatan, a bag under his arm and a long stick on the shoulder.

The curious flocked in crowds wondered that the bag could well contain and what was their plan ?… Waste of time !

Our three convicts set off, accompanied well away from guards and some curious. After more than three hours of walking, they came to the den of the "beast". Guards and onlookers stopped and began carefully sheltered between two rocks. Our convicts went to the collar, ready to face the monster.

It was the time when the exquisite "ouivre", quenched after, returning to his lair fast, leaving the soil mark his monstrous feet.

Despite fears that inspired them this coming from another world, three men thought to the executioner's ax. No way to go back. They camped in the middle of the trail, each holding their perch in front of them, after which swung the mysterious bag.

The animal roared when he saw how horrible the meal of human flesh. His teeth chattered with a terrible noise. Without any calculation or distrust, conscious of his invincibility, she burst prey offered salivating in advance.

The three brave not bronchèrent. Contact was worthy of the greatest biblical stories. They dug her perch in the mouth. On Fast and animals are cabrer, scream to death before collapsing in a final jolt on the slope that leads to the precipice. The poison contained in the bags had done its work. In the fall, she led with her two of his murderers. The third, a handsome young man 30 years, sentenced to death for molesting a lord of the land, left the healthy adventure and save. A great change had come over him : her hair, once as black as coal, had now become white.

Our hero, monitoring guards and courageous curious, was received triumphantly in St-Maurice. He received the thanks and the feast lasted until dawn.

The authorities gave him a territory with a beautiful farm. He even had the right to share in each of its two unfortunate companions.

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