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... The tale of red apple ...

Zacharie Balet RCL Arbaz et Grimisuaz, A la Carte editions

There was once a father and a mother with two children, un garçon et une fille. Le père travaillait aux champs, mother cared for livestock and was about to go home. The two children were collecting firewood in the forest. The mother promised the first who came up with the bundle a beautiful red apple. The girl was very good at running and always came first at home; and she always apple.

One day they had gone to the forest, the boy became angry and told the girl to help him collect firewood for his fagot. It did not want; then it took the rope and tied the girl against a tree, and this time, il est arrivé à la maison le premier avec le fagot et aussitôt il a demandé la pomme à sa mère. La mère n’avait pas le temps de la lui donner, she said it could take himself in the ark (chest, bahut). Le garçon y est allé pour prendre la pomme. Quand il eut ouvert l’arche, il y a mis la main et la tête pour prendre la pomme qui était au fond de l’arche. Mais le couvercle était très pesant et il est tombé sur celui-ci qui en a eu la tête coupée.

When the mother seen that, she had a great fear of her husband and she thought that we should not let him see the boy's body; because of that, elle a pris la tête et tout le reste, she cut them into pieces and threw everything into the pot.

When the girl came to the forest, mother ordered him to stoke the fire. Celle-ci y est allée, but after a while, she went to tell the mother: "I'm not going to stoke the fire". "But why? » «Je n’y vais plus; there is something in the pot who always says: ,Ma soeurette, you burn me and you roast me, you burn me and you roast me. "So the mother has sent more stoke the fire.

When dinner was cooked to perfection, elle a fait partir la fille porter à dîner au père. Or, when it was far, before arriving at the field, there was a big river without a bridge. There was no water that day than usual; and the child was crying: she could not go over the brook. Tout à coup elle a vu un pauvre mendiant qui lui a dit: "Beautiful girl, that you wearing in this container? »

«Oh ! pas grand chose. »

But the poor man asked another blow: "You must say what you wear; if you do not say, I do not you cross the stream. "

But it does not want to say, because the mother had forbidden dinner show; but even at the end, she removed the lid of the container and showed this content.

Then it was across the river to the girl and told her:

«Tu diras au père, quand on aura for de dîner, he throws the bones as high as he can. "

It has therefore come to the field and she said to her father, when he had finished dinner, lay the bones in the air. Or tout à coup une grosse pierre est tombée sur la tête du père et une autre grosse également sur la tête de la mère à la maison. Mais sur la tête de la fille est descendue unand beautiful little crown.

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