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... The unfaithful fruit ...

to pasture "Canvas"

Between Grimentz and Vercorin, There was formerly a pasture called "Lona", which belonged to allodiateurs d'Anniviers and Vercorin. In the election of employees of the mountain, a shepherd who passed by his promises to corrupt the vote a number of allodiateurs, was appointed "master fruit".

When it came the time-sharing fruit, to reward those who had helped and, he gave them a larger share to the detriment of the generality of allodiateurs, after previously misappropriated an equally large portion of the mountain products.

As he was supported by his accomplices, he continued his fraud until his death. Thereafter, this pasture was gradually abandoned and many others because of its aridity. The mountains, as we know, depreciate due to clearing of forests.

Friday Four-time fall, a chamois hunter having ventured into the ravines overlooking Lake Zemp, was surprised to find a shepherd carrying, a very old suit, he approached saying Praised be Jesus Christ.

The shepherd replied :

- God is just !

What the hunter knew he was dealing with a ghost …

But soon the other took :

I'm such a, died there three hundred years, and since that time, God grant me the coming year, on this day dedicated to prayer for defects, ask the living to the injustices that I committed an injury of allodiateurs a pasture that existed here. I am condemned à fruiter sense trêve both repos, with glacier water, until I get to make cheese.

You who have prayed this morning for abandoned souls and for which we do not pray, you got me for talking to a live… I beg you, go to town, and made alms for at least I am not obliged to fruiter winter…

The hunter did as the death asked, and as every year the waters are less white Navizance, was recognized there that as the injustices of the unfortunate shepherd is repaired, he worked less.

Mario *** Marie Trolliet

"The Genius of the Valais Alps"

"Stories, tales and legends of Chalais and Vercorin "

Publishing the Map, 2001


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