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... Le Pas de l'Ours ...

Claudy Barras des Briesses RCL des Briesses

This was at a very early period where we did not yet know the firearms.

It is said that there was a formidable bear decimated herds throughout the region. In the spring, in mayens, he attacked the goats, aux chevreaux et aux cabris ; in summer, we found in the pastures where sheep were his favorite dish and, in the fall, before hibernate, il faisait des incursions dans les villages du bas pour « visiter » les troupeaux.

No girl dared not stay in mayens. In the fall, young pahours refused to accompany the cattle in the pasture without being protected by an adult. Finally, the municipal administration decided to take things in hand. She promised a high premium that would rid the country of this undesirable predator. Premiums are not measured in money, but rather measures bushels of corn or wine. Encore fallait-il oser s’attaquer à un tel gibier ! It was only by stealth or any other trick they manage to master the beast.

Everyone knew a hunter in the area that no one could match his art and how to draw traps. John Hunter, as it was, was undoubtedly, best known far and wide hunter. He had a mayen at a place called the Mentahri to Netherlands, which is above the Forest dou Tsan, west of the current Crans. Or, it was claimed that the bear in the forest heeled, but nobody had demonstrated.

That year, John Hunter had gone very early and his mayen, as sometimes happens in the spring, snow had fallen very low and covered the entire region Mentahri. For Jean, This was a godsend, because it gave him the opportunity to take fingerprints of the animal and to discover his house.

Comment se prit-il pour titer la bête hors de son habitat ?

At night, il attacha sa chèvre à un pieu, in the forest. Everyone knows that goats are very cowardly and, having no one with them, especially at night, they panic and start bleating pitifully.

This is what happened. The cries alerted the bear who asked nothing better than to enjoy the fun and provided a feast. Seeing, John hastened to his goat away before going himself trapped in the mayen. The next, he easily followed the tracks of the bear was actually mounted in the Forest dou Tsan come to turn around its mayen before going towards mayens neighborhood and return to his house following the Grand Chemin des Montagnes Inside - lo di tsemén great mountain dèdiéen - Which leads into the valley of Ertentse, towards pastures.

On his departure, the path is carved into a rock face and down the steep slope and immediately our hunter advised that the bears do not borrow the same route to leave his house for return.

John Hunter decided to do again and get a trap on the way back. Are being provided with logging tools, our man fell a pretty nice size white fir bark removed and separated it into two parts in the lengthwise, without damaging, which gives him great gutters whose interior is as smooth as a mirror. We know that part of the white fir sap touches the bark is smooth and soapy. Our hunter alignment butt the gutters so as to occupy all the way. Pas moyen de passer ailleurs : on the one hand, the vertical rock wall and the other side, le précipice ! A few meters below, The path took a turn. Our man continued to build its gutter right of way line as the last element gives the precipice. It remained for him to put his plan into action.

The same evening, he proceeded as before, pulled out his goat tied to a tree before the hide to the barn and get away when he heard the bear get.

The next, John went out to realize the results of his company, however, taking the precaution to bring an ax to defend the case ... got there, he noted with pleasure that the bark were marked with claw marks, earth and mud. Notre ours était-il bien tombé dans le piège ? However, he still had to ascertain whether the height of the fall was fatal to the animal. The hunter walked to the edge of a precipice and looked, sounded the depth of the abyss and saw the animal lying on the back and giving no sign of life.

His trick was very successful. John hastened to cut a bear's paw to present to the town as evidence. He also blasted the meat and the skin before going to the municipal office to receive his bonus.

Now, it is called more Jean Hunter, but John Bear. And the locality became known as the Pas de l'Ours – lo pachiou dè l’orch.




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