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... The Sorcerer Cure Chalais ...

Clement Berard, Tales and Legends of Chalais and Vercorin, 2001

There are about sixty, My father acted as cellar to cure Chalais. Man Grimisuat that the priest had committed, disait-on, pity, was appointed to guard herds.

Or, one day work urged, the two employees went to the forest for wood supply. For a truly extraordinary coincidence, they forgot to bring wine for dinner. My father very bored, made from his oblivion to his companion.

- Console-toi, Joset, dit's one-but, you just have to answer my questions and wine will not fail us. Where in the barrel cellar of the best thought is it located ?

- This is the second behind the door, left on entering.

- Well! And in which direction the valve is turned ?

- He looks Noës.

- Eh bien! my dear, prepare us to feast, I assure you that the wine will be flowing.

The accomplice then stuck his knife in a birch and their country dinner was actually watered the best wine of the cure.

Returned to the parsonage my father thought about what had happened to the Forest. Pris of remords, he told the priest adventure to prevent his companion fully vidat the barrel. The priest dismissed his valet unattractive; but, before leaving, one addressing the cellar spoke these words: "Woe to you who are the cause of my departure! From this moment, you go day by day decaying and in three years you will not be a shadow! "He went on these ominous words, leaving the poor man in mortal agony.

The prediction is accomplished; as from that moment the unfortunate lose weight, lost its forces and as a candle is extinguished, soon had more than the rest of life. Separated him another year of the fatal date. With great difficulty, he could go to the fair Sion. The author of the evil was there too. « Eh! Joset, it does not go well it seems! You have not won big to denounce me. However, you-tu, I pity you and if you want to take the remedies which I command you, tu guériras. »

The heart of the patient regained a little joy to the heard of these words. The unfortunate listened to the recipe and promised to follow scrupulously. «Quand tu auras mangé d'un fessellin ass (30 liters garlic), you have found your forces once. "When my father came home in the evening, we saw an unusual glow in her eyes. He began from that day to get to the prescribed regimen; when the winter was passed, the 30 liters were consumed garlic and wine merchant perky, able to resume his duties at the priest Chalais.

You just, Gentlemen, to hear sincere words, says the old. When you have a foot in the grave, we do not invent such stories. We believe because they were experienced and we do not seek explanation. The spirits act ever; but God who governs the world above them and nothing happens without his will.




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