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Louis Courthion « Les Veillées des Mayens », 1896 – rééd 1996 Publishing the Map, Sierre

Once, Nendaz people were masters of the mountain Louvye. But every year we deplored the loss of many cattle, because of the presence of a monstrous snake named: the Ouïvra.

Can not wear any remedy the situation, they gave up gradually to exploit this alp, already some distance away from their valley, malgré le sentier que l’on prétend reconnaître à travers le massif du Grand-Mont-Fort et les glaciers du Grand-Désert ; and Louvye with rangeland remained in the abandonment.

The Convicts who, in turn, this coveted pasture, resolved to undertake the conquest.

At the entrance to the green valley the Ouïvra, constantly awakening, stop the boldest men.

Then, They took a young bull, fed him for seven years with milk and he built a strong armor of wrought iron, with joints wonderfully understood and thoroughly oiled.

It was no more than face the shock. On the appointed day, the Convicts, confident in their armed champion beautiful horns, accompanied him in many.

The huge reptile, who had a cat head, expected the assailant upper tray.

A shrill whistle was met in the air with the lowest score of a disaster bellow. The snake and the bull were struggling.

Le premier s’enroulait autour de l’armure avec une prodigieuse souplesse ; another, furious, whipping air horns, cherchant à entamer son rusé adversaire ; then, can not succeed, lay down on the grass, wallowed in all the weight of his body and finally stood up one of the horns stuck in the bowels of the reptile, aligning and shaking his head like a gorgon. The Ouïvra spent his last strength to wrap around the head and neck of the winner.

As soon as it had enjoyed in the glory of applause from the audience, he continued momentum and thrust his horns into the ground, putting the monster into pieces.

From, the municipality of Bagnes operates its profit pastures Louvye. But the winner has not enjoyed his victory. As soon as he had torn his armor, the grave mort, emotion probably, because his body showed no signs of any injury.



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