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... The Chamosards and fairy Gru ...

Solandieu (Albert Duruz) Stories, contes et légendes d’Ardon Chamoson et Leytron Editions à la Carte, 2003


Leaning against the wall of rock Gru, above Ardon villages and Chamoson, there is a ruin of a strong bulwark disappeared.

This rampart, which formerly had to be a supervisory position advanced on the path, sheltered, its origin, unknown beings, living away from civilization. Les Romains de la plaine l’appelaient : Castellum Fatarum (Castel Fairy). Thereof, malignant and evil, like all those living in the north, out at night, foraging vineyards and surrounding fields.

So that the Roman colonists, new immigrant, resolved to get rid of these troublesome guests by expelling.

But the learner, fairies came to the Chamosards, and offered them accommodation where certainly result in a greater good for the whole country. They are engaged, if they promised to let them live in peace in their retirement, channel and cover the Rhône to its full extent in the territory of Ardonins and Chamosards, by ensuring that the work of giants, they make this the most prosperous region of the valley.

The offer was tempting, but she could hide some tricks, the settlers decided to refuse any transaction.

The fairies then returned to their castle in a very bad mood, swearing though they would go to their will, and that their forced departure would be followed by terrible reprisals.

Un matin, the dawn, the fairy castle was besieged by a group of warriors armed with spears and clubs. The seat prevented any escape, if only by a corridor at peak, where eagles and vultures had only, far, dared to engage.

But the fairies had planned the coup and took all their measures. Once they had seen the rock climbing Chamosards Gru, they lit around their wall piles of softwood trees, with acrid smoke and black mask was not long before all the castle.

Warriors, surprised by this stratagem, dared not move, we reculer, surrounded they were dangerous precipices. They remained there until that after a time they seemed very long, they began to see light around them.

Then, one by one, and high club, they advanced into the castle fairies they found desert, everything was gone, as if not a soul would have lived in these abandoned places. The fire had destroyed everything that the fairies could not prevail in their daring escape from the corridor, they necessarily had to spend to win plain and a more hospitable refuge.

The Chamosards went home a little disappointed of an adventure that had not reported their trophies, ni gloire. From this day, leurs récoltes furent respectées et ils purent jouir en toute paix du fruit de leurs travaux.

Les menaces de représailles des fées romaines ne furent d’ailleurs pas toutes sans effet.



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