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... The See of Peter to Diablats ...


Alpage de Charmotane

In 1471, the villagers brought through pastures and rocks Bagnes Stone to See, water for irrigation of their properties.

This Bisse, of length 20 km, unquestionably the most picturesque and boldest of Valais, was the pride of those who had built.

Of all the people in the village, one had opposed the construction of the aqueduct. Unhappy that the work had been carried, out without assistance, he resolved to destroy the work so useful to the prosperity of the community. He therefore went one evening in the rocks of stone See to roll stones in the channel in order to cause the rupture.

But the Bisse was blessed and the perpetrator had not expected this circumstance. Also, ses efforts furent-ils vains : the loose stones of the mountain crossing the Bisse in a quantum leap and would fall some 500 meters below. And when, de guerre lasse, the man wanted to go home, une force invisible l’enchaîna sur place et le força à continuer sa sinistre besogne ; quantity diablats (Demons), came to lend a hand.

That's why, on clear nights and cloudless days, thick dust sometimes up rocks to see the Stone; of detonations followed by prolonged bearings, comme un bruit de tonnerre, se font entendre ; les pierres sifflent comme des fusées aux oreilles des gardes du bisse et des hommes préposés à sa réfection, mais nul n’est jamais atteint, et l’eau fertilisatrice, l’eau du glacier continue à apporter la fécondité dans les prés.

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