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... A duel Tourbillon ...

Joseph Roduit, RCL de Sion, Editions A La Carte

Sion. Whirlpool


When you go from Martigny to Sierre, the table before our eyes approaching Zion is incomparable.

Hills Tourbillon and Valere stand out from the rest of the landscape.

Right, Fortified church of Valeria emerges from all the buildings of the castle where once lived the canons of the Chapter. This was their qu'incombait the election of the bishop, with the approval of Pope. The church is still being used. It has the oldest playable organ in the world.

A gauche, on the hill of Tourbillon, Bishop Boniface Challants built a castle which was destroyed in the fire 1788. It was not rebuilt. Over the centuries, crenelated walls were filed down by the wind and took the gray color mottled rock around. The large open rooms are covered with grass and even various shrubby species whose seeds have been made by both the wind by birds.

Once, the time when the castle was inhabited, one of its halls was the scene of a terrible tragedy. Two officers had fought a duel. One, a wrong move, went to plant his sword in a large canvas applied to the wall and representing St. Theodule, first bishop of Valais. When he drew his sword, she was bleeding. Terrified, he forgot his opponent for a few seconds. The latter took advantage of this brief moment of inattention to defeat.

The daughter of the officer winner was on the staff at the service of the Lord. On the day of the fight between the two officers, she no longer wanted to enter the room where the battle took place. She had the feeling that a new drama would come true.

When she had to go from one place to another, she did whenever a detour to avoid going into this room. This lasted for years. His father tried several times to make him overcome this fear, but she was taken each time nervous breakdowns.

Someday, the steward of the lord enamored by the charm and beauty of the girl asked her to marry. His father was very happy to give him her hand. He was persuaded to take advantage of certain benefits.

The day of engagement, a great feast was held in the castle. There was music and games in all rooms. Young people danced and organized a round. Recommended by them, the girl consented to place the first.

Arrival in the big room where the battle took place, she panicked and tried to escape. But, arriving to the other door, a huge painting of Cardinal Mathieu Schiner fell on his head. She shrieked and fell down dead next to the table. The weight of the solid frame was killed instantly.

On devine l’émoi qui s’empara des jeunes devant l’horrible spectacle qui s’offrit à leurs yeux. On informa le père et le fiancé du terrible drame survenu dans la salle du duel. Leur peine fut immense. La journée commencée dans la joie finissait dans la douleur. Au lieu de préparer le mariage de la jeune fille, on devait creuser sa tombe. Quel triste sort !

Quoique douloureuse, il fallut accepter la volonté de Dieu.

Au vu de ce qui précède, on doit bien admettre que certaines personnes ont le pressentiment d’un malheur qui va leur arriver et devinent même l’endroit où il aura lieu.



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