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Alfred Ceresole, RCL Trient


On the south-eastern borders, District Netherlands d'En High, is a cottage that is said to be haunted for a long time. It is said, about it, a story that bears a striking resemblance to that which is repeated on one of the cottages Fenestrel, near Finhaut, I do not Valais.

The cottage in question here is located on a pasture that many individuals use common. In the fall, during the descent of herds, if it happens to a mountain not have enough grass home, for his livestock, he is allowed to take only grazing.

A fourth door, there a few years, this facility, but it did not happen, to congratulate this lonely room. From the first night, il commença à être harcelé par le revenant qui lui jouait toutes sortes de mauvais tours : il le houspillait, the pinched, le piquait ; it was an infernal racket, upsetting everything and constantly undoing his work.

One of the last nights he went up there, he heard, as he tried to sit on the cholei, the sound of voices and footsteps, who always approached more. It looked like a band of men. They spoke a language other than the country. If it was the ghost, he seemed to be "legion". Seized with fear, not moving, nestled in the hay, our shepherd ouit distinctly, all world, enter the cottage, will light a fire and discuss what dinner could be done. He heard a voice propose a toast to his cows and, moments after, he saw a human form, up on the hayloft, and bring him, to itself, a very tasty meat from, served in a very clean and tidy flat. The feast lasted all night. Meanwhile, overcome by a deep sleep, poor mountaineer asleep. The sun shone on the alp when he opened his eyes.

Upon awakening, the memories of that strange night came agitating his mind. Que fallait-il penser de tout cela ? He listened… All was silent. He had certainly felt no sorrow, if he had not recalled having eaten roast, which could not have been prepared, at the expense of one of his animals he had attached, the day before the’ariau 1.

He came down from cholei. Nothing around the hearth was a mess. Inside, as well as outside, everything was in its place. Etait-ce donc un cauchemar qui avait troublé sa nuit ? He enters the’ariau. Ô douloureuse surprise ! His finest cow had a terrible bleeding wound in the thigh. Il y manquait un grand morceau de chair ; it was, the same one, that we had made him eat some.

Therefore, the shepherd was forced to abandon the infamous cottage. Il en sortit un matin «pour la toute» ; but when crossing the threshold, an invisible force, pushing the door from the inside, closed it with such force that the stick was broken in young cowherd, like a reed, and he had only to congratulate, of not having a leg on the ground level.




1 Stable where the line.

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