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... The sorcerer Ayent ...

Ursule Carroz RCL Arbaz et Grimisuat

It is said that a hundred years ago, Ayent lived a sorcerer who had the power of enchairner, that is to say, to retain people by invisible links and prevent them from leaving their place. His name Vincèni (petit Vincent). His occult knowledge was drawn from books he kept carefully hidden.

The priest Ayent that bothered in his ministry, having brought home to cause, begged him to give him the books in question. « I1 n’est pas possible, added-t-il, that everything they say about you and your magical power to be true: for my part, I do not believe it. - Want to discuss, distributed Vincèni. First go get a drink… and good, ensuite nous causerons. » Le bon curé s’exécuta. But it was just down to the cellar he heard a terrible noise in the room where he had left the sorcerer. He went up hurriedly and saw that everything revolved in the room, tables, chairs, etc.. "Unfortunate Stops, creates t-yl, frightened !-But since I can do nothing, ironically replied the magician, how do you think I can stop ? » Et il laissa les choses aller leur train, Then he left the priest without talk of famous books.

It is also said that the authorities of Zion named the sorcerer Guard Bisse the idea that it could enchairner Raiders of the water. But Vincèni performs its functions very carelessly.

Everyone complained that the water supply is practiced in the most irregular manner. Sometimes there was just to wet the bed streams, sometimes he ran away for whole vineyards. The Council instructed Sion. a commission to go admonish the guard. It received very little these delegates. He enjoined them to save at the earliest adding: « Désirez-vous être emportés par l’eau, by wind or fire ? » Les bourgeois s’enfuirent précipitamment sans insister davantage.



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