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Discovering stories

... Gondola stories – Grächen, a fairy tale ...

Activities for children


Tel. +41 (0)27 955 60 60 info@graechen.ch

“Since the winter season 2011/2012 visitors Grächen join the ski area Hannigalp the largest and most beautiful park for children Switzerland aboard a gondola stories. In line with the slogan "Grächen, an earl », ten gondolas are feeling particularly: Little Red Riding Hood and the brave little tailor accompany young guests personally to almost Hannigalp. The adventure is just beginning embedded. The voice of the famous actress Siliva Jost sounds and drives the young passengers in the realm of fairy tales. Each story takes about 7 minutes, exactly the travel time. For the eye-catcher, cabins are dressed to the theme of the story told on board.”

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