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... The spellcaster of Arbaz ...

Bear Carroz RCL Arbaz et Grimisut, A la Carte editions

At the time of our great-grandfathers lived Arbaz a woman that everyone feared, because it could to the trouble people and animals. It even claims that it was part of the chenegouda.

One evening, in time of watering, when cattle jostling at the fountain, this woman came to pass. She stood in awe of a beautiful brown cow stopped before the basin. "What a magnificent beast ! » . elle, stroking his hand the backbone of the animal. Then, turning to the person she supposed to be the owner of the cow in question: "She is yours ? she asked - Yes., answered it, and hopefully, we will be well served this year. The spellcaster still continued a moment to speak highly of his admiration for the animal, then she returned to her home.

But the owner, after bringing his cow in the stable, realized that she had the hair bristling and refused to take food. Quickly we went off to see an old man Ayent had, dit-on, books which were taught the art of warding off evil spells; books he kept locked in a hidden treasure in the hollow of a pine box located outside the Ri. "Make haste to go home, said the old man, take the string used to tie the cow, made the white heat, then burn the belly of the animal branches blessed and you will see that evil will disappear soon. »

We did what was prescribed. But to the amazement of all, flames that came from the burning twigs do not even burn the hair of the cow and let it do seem no signs of discomfort. This operation was not completed we saw come running out of the jeteuse. She seemed out of itself and as tortured by a secret pain. "Species of butchers that you are, cria-t-elle, what the idea is you do and suffer the poor beast? - Let us, Was he responded, we want to heal our cow the right remedies. "The witch was in agony until the end. En effet, burning flame, the cow did not feel, reached the witch and made him cruelly expiate his curse.


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